Friday, November 03, 2006

Will Halo 3 Have a Map Editor?

Today in Bungie's Weekly Update, Frankie writes some interesting stuff:
"I think MP [multi-player] fans will be very pleased with what we’re adding in terms of customization and gameplay flexibility. Certainly FAR more tweaks will be available to players than in Halo 2, along with some interesting ways to present and use those tweaks."
Further down in his post he says this about water:
"A far cry from the shiny default placeholder in the MP demo EGM played."
Do these allude to options seen in Far Cry (i.e. some form of map editor)?Let's look at what we know. Far Cry had pretty graphics, especially when it came to water effects. As stated, Far Cry also had a map editor. Halo 3 is under an enormous amount of pressure to sell well and outperform the prior installments in this story arc -- Halo 3 is also the last game in this trilogy. Additionally, Halo for PC had a map editor, as will Halo 2 for PC. So would Bungie add a map editor to a console game?

You be the judge.


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